Partnering for competitive international sourcing of castings and casting components

RAUTIC combines foundry, forging, machine building know-how with economic and purchasing competence which we provide to clients for cost optimized purchasing of castings and casting components.

We have developed a network in the foundry, forging and machine building industry from Western and Central Europe and China which is utilized for the economic sourcing of castings and components.

We have access to a worldwide pool of engineers and technicians which we employ to audit and secure the design and manufacturing of your castings in order to keep the total cost of supply at a competitive level.

RAUTIC procures your worldwide single items as well as series required according to your special needs as “local supply items” or from “low-cost country” suppliers.

We secure your worldwide demands in best price practice, best quality practice und best delivery time practice

We procure your worldwide demands in the materials and metallurgical conditions as specified and with the required certifications.

In our casting offering belongs:

  • Iron castings: Grey iron (GJL) and Ductile iron (GJS)
  • Steel castings (GS): Carbon steel, Low alloyed steel, High alloyed steel and special alloys
  • Aluminium castings
  • Bronze and Copper castings

We deliver all our castings ready machined to customer’s assembly line, if needed.

Our Targets are excellent quality, price and delivery accuracy